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駐車場プロジェクト / Utilization of the space above parking lot / 2009~




撮影:Nagahama Design Studio





Utilization of the space above parking lot

Planning year:2009〜

Sort:Commercial facility

Photo:Nagahama Design Studio


Fukuoka city is so close to the airport that there is height limit by the aviation law in the city center. On the other hand, buildings are built in human scale and cityscape is so familiar to the visitors. Fukuoka is called branch store city, and it is often thought that there is no relation to the recession. However, Lehman shock occurred and parking lots have come to stand out even in the city center. It seemed that these vacancy made the cityscape worse, so we launched this project in order to utilize the space above parking lots. We built a model that land owner can get new revenue by low investment risk while keeping the revenue of existing coin parking. Problems and issues became clear through various studies, and the projects were cancelled in the middle of the road. However, it could be realized in a few years later with the other client.