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廃材のジェンガ / Jenga of waste / 2012





プロジェクトメンバー:ナガハマデザインスタジオ × 文化デザイン研究所




Jenga of waste

Production year: 2012

sort: product design

Production company: sync-furniture

Project member:Nagahama Design Studio×Bunka design kenkyujo


An idea, making products from much amount of waste from construction site or product manufacturing process, made us launch a project, in which we make some products by work or risk sharing. This is JENGA that is prototype produced in that process. The Pieces of some kinds of timber make us learn about unique texture and warm of woods. White pieces are made of artificial marble, on the other hand, makes us feel the cool appearance and rigidity. Further more, they are working effectively as a design accent. By different pieces of specific gravity is mixed, the degree of difficulty of the game increases and adults can enjoy it not only children too.