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新しい形のスマートハウス / A new form of smart house / 2013






撮影:Nagahama Design Studio




The 2nd BETSUDAI Residential Design Competition B ‘A new form of smart house’

Planning year:2013

Total floor area:117m2


Structure:Timber Structure, 1 stories

Photo:Nagahama Design Studio


We planed a one-story residence in residential area that is located in about an hour by car from Fukuoka city center. Situation that we can purchase large land at an affordable price if the suburbs, is one of the major feature of Kyushu. However, in most cases, the house will be placed in the north back of the site as two-story. Contrary to the illusion such as a large garden and a bright living room to the south, element that shapes the landscape of the residential area is a garden which is not so big and a car port. In this plan, we multiplied the large roof as a device to block the harsh summer sun to the entire site. And had openings in part to accommodate the building coverage within the reference. Under its openings have become a semi-outdoor specific garden using the eave, it feeds the light and wind in each room. In addition, under the large roof it has become a mechanism for flat roof with a thermal insulation layer protect the room from the summer heat wave. We intended that living along with the soil, and a large roof surpass the wind and rain and heat can create a new landscape in Kyushu residential area.