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筑豊の規格住宅 / Standard Houses in CHIKUHO / 2015



延べ床面積:平屋案 約130㎡(39坪)/2階建案 約120㎡(36坪)




CG:池田礼 (A41)




Standard Houses in CHIKUHO

Planning year:2015

Total floor area:1 stories 130㎡ /  2 stories 120㎡

Sort:Standard Houses(Planning & design)

      ※Collaborated with Seiji Chihara(CHR atelier) & Jun Nakashima(Jun Architect Office)

Structure:Timber Structure, 1&2 stories

Computer Graphics:Aya Ikeda (A41)


This is a proposal as a local timber expansion supporting enterprise. We planned these standard houses originating from the life style of Chikuho area, and intended to make use of local, domestic timber. Before planning, we participated workshops studying the logistics of the timber cut and brought from the forest, factory tour of the local materials. We considered the customer feel the quality of the local materials that we learned much throughout these workshops, and we designed various things from the viewpoint of how the quality should be, or how we should show the texture of the materials. We hope these houses create new landscape of the Chikuho area.