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大手門のカイロプラクティック / a Chiropractic in OOTEMON



建築面積: –  ㎡(  −  坪)



施工:飯尾建設株式会社 / ペイントサポートKifuL





aChiropracticin OOTEMON

Completion year:2018

Building area:  −  ㎡

Total floor area:30.00㎡


Construction company:Iio construction Inc. / Paint support: KifuL

Photo:Yousuke Harigane


At the corner of the shopping district where the neighborhood community remains, there is a chiropractic place planned that only feel “The time spend here is more than anything precious”. In limited space, it was required to a flow planning to manage 2 beds with keeping privacy and also can be used as bright open space. In order to fulfill the customer’s demands, the floor space and the frontage narrowness were issues. However, it has solved by setting versatile partition diagonally with curtains and wooden sliding doors to create more rich space for multiple uses.
By sliding wooden doors, a relaxation room will become extending to the city through a doma (internal floor same level as outside).
Within a busy cityscape, people passing by a chiropractic place could easily recognize inside of its “information” and “situation” at a glance. Thus, function, information, and time were designed together with in the same place.